Stomach pain after eating

Stomach pain after eating is a common occurrence among people who are fond of eating too much food. Many who experience stomach pain come from people who are obese and one fourth of it occurs in children. There are many cause of abdominal pain after eating and these are:
  • Ulcer – The most likely cause of pain after eating. The ulcer may be in the upper intestine, stomach or duodenum. The reason for the pain is due to the acid or food, which irritates the ulcer. Alternatively, if the ulcer obstructs the exit from the stomach to the duodenum, this may lead to stomach pain after eating. This type of obstruction is accompanied by vomiting and nausea after eating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – Is a gastro intestinal disorder, predominantly characterized by severe abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating and stomach cramps. It is often accompanied by diarrhea or constipation and mostly occurred on adults.
  • Chronic mesenteric insufficiency – Is a condition similar to coronary artery disease. During meals, as the demand for blood supply in the intestinal tract rises, the vessels are not able to supply this increased demand, thus the pain occurs.
  • Gastric cancer – The most worrisome diagnosis is someone who complains of stomach pain after eating stomach cancer or gastric cancer. This can develop in any part of the stomach and may spread throughout the stomach and to other organs; particularly liver, lungs and esophagus. Gastric cancer causes about 900,000 deaths world wide per year.
In order to avoid abdominal or stomach pain, one must properly take care of his stomach. For instance, eat only that is required in a day, avoid over eating and eat a balance diet. It is also important to avoid alcohol and smoking for it cause sever disease such as ulcer and gastroenteritis.

Finally, It is suggested that you consult your doctor if you are experiencing pain in your stomach. The doctor may prescribe you to other go physical examination to diagnose the cause of your stomach pain. You may undergo endoscopies or Magnetic Imaging Resonance to examine your stomach and duodenum further. Stomach pain after eating should be treated as early as possible to avoid further complications.


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