Am I Causing My Husband's Depression?

Q: My husband suffers from depression and has been pulling away from me little by little. Now we are more like roommates than like husband and wife. He travels a lot for a living, so the growing apart has been very gradual. He's concluded that I am the root of his unhappiness and he refuses to get help because he truly believes that I am the problem. What can I do?
— Karen, Colorado
Michael E. Thase, MD A:  I'm sorry to hear that you and your husband are growing apart. Relationship problems are seldom one-sided, but for the moment, you may need to seek help by yourself, at least to help clarify the issues and develop a plan of action. For starters, you might seek out a therapist or counselor who sees both couples and individuals. That may help you figure out some better ways to approach your husband about the issues you are facing as a couple.
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