Why Does My Skin Itch?

Dry skin, allergy, or irritation — there are many causes for those itchy skin spots. Find out what's behind that itch and explore your treatment options.

Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH
Itchy skin spots can be frustrating as well as annoying, especially when the urge to scratch is hard to resist. Your itchy skin spots can be a simple case of dry skin or part of a skin condition with noticeable signs, like the hives or rash from an allergic reaction. However, in some cases the reason for the itch could be more serious. Diseases as varied as kidney failure, hepatitis, and HIV can cause itching. A mole that starts to itch can be a warning sign of skin cancer.

The Leading Causes of Itchy Skin Spots

The cause of many itchy skin spots can be traced to one of these conditions:

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