Spotting the Signs of Depression

Common symptoms of depression include guilt, irritability, and having a feeling of sadness that won't go away.

Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH
Being in a "blue mood" sometimes is a normal part of life. If you lose a loved one or are laid off from your job, it is natural to be sad. When you have depression symptoms because of a stress that has occurred in your life, it is called "situational depression." Most people recover from situational depression over time, although it may take days or weeks. 
However, when depression symptoms just won't go away and the depression starts to interfere with your ability to function, normally it is called "clinical depression" or “major depression.” Major depression is a serious illness that may last for weeks, months, or years. If you have major depression, you need to get help, so it is important to know which symptoms of depression might indicate it.
The symptoms of depression are overwhelming. People may describe major depression as a "black hole" that they just can't get out of. A sense of impending doom is also common in this type of depression. You may feel lifeless, limp, and apathetic.

Symptoms of Depression: 10 Warning Signs

Mental symptoms.
Physical symptoms
Loss of energy.
Loss of interest.
Sleep changes
Appetite changes.
Suicidal thoughts


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