Five Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Hip pain in women can be caused by wear and tear, overuse, and a few other sources. Women may be able to use anti-inflammatories for their hip pain.


When you tell your doctor your hip hurts, the first thing he should do is confirm that your hip is actually the problem. Women might say they have hip pain, but what they may mean is they have pain in the side of the upper thigh or upper buttock, or they may be experiencing lower back pain, says Stephanie E. Siegrist, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Rochester, N.Y., and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Hip pain is often felt in the groin or on the outside of the hip directly over where the hip joint (a ball-and-socket joint) is located.
Five Common Causes of Hip Pain in Women
When a female patient comes to Dr. Siegrist complaining of hip pain, she considers the patient's age, build, and activity level. If the patient is a thin 20-year-old runner or a heavy, sedentary 80-year-old grandmother, “the possibilities at the top of my list will be different,” she says.

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Among the most common causes of hip pain in women are:


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